About Me:

My Name is Blythe and I have been practicing ceramics since 2013. I have always been one to love to create. From crocheting and sewing - to cooking and writing and much more!! But I have never found anything so fulfilling than to shape clay with my hands and turn it into something so beautiful.

My own journey in clay has been one with ups and down, good days and bad. I have learned from mistakes and grown from success. I won't say I'm done learning, I don't believe anyone ever is... But I will always try my best to make the perfect pieces.

My goal is to create each piece I make with care and love. I strive to sell the best, well-made products and keep things beautiful, always. My hope is that whoever receives one of my pieces will enjoy and love it, always putting a smile on their face.

Behind the name:

After deciding to begin this business journey, I was seeking a name. My original lace mugs were always enjoyed by my family, but particularly my great Aunt Chris (Nettie Christine). She always inspired me in my art. She would buy pieces for inspiration and enjoy using mine as well... After a little thought, i asked her if i could use her name for my ceramics business. She of course said yes! I was so excited. After a battle with cancer, she passed away in 2015. My hope is that I can capture a little bit of her in everything I create and honor her loving memory.