Matte Black x Egg Shell Scandinavian Mug - no. 2

Matte Black x Egg Shell Scandinavian Mug - no. 2


This Scandinavian inspired mug is wheel thrown and trimmed. With a larger base giving it stability and a tighter rim for keeping your drink fresh and hot. It is glazed by hand using dinnerware safe glazes in studio.  The crossed glaze gives the mixed color a spotted bubble look, making it even sweeter!


This mug is approximately 4 1/4 inches tall and holds 14 oz.


-This item is HANDMADE. Please keep in mind that no two pieces are exactly alike. They aren’t mass produced, but made individually by hand. Each piece is unique, bearing the same colors and similarities of process, but with differences in glaze consistency and slight variations in size.


-Most* items are dishwasher & microwave friendly.

*Wares that have gold accents cannot be microwaved and are HAND-WASH ONLY.


-Completely functional, unless otherwise stated.


-All food items are food safe.


-Nettie Christine Ceramics is a one-maker business, please keep in mind that everyone is human and some mistakes might be made. Please contact me if there is anything missing form your package or the product isn’t the correct one. (Thank you for understanding!!)Please keep kindness in mind when purchasing handmade products. These pieces are hand crafted to be a piece of your home and life. A well made piece of pottery should be gently and careful used and loved.


This product is food safe & dishwasher and microwave friendly!!

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